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We have a place for you to be involved. You can be a partner in fostering by supporting the ministry of Journey Road.


We are ready to start providing support to foster families as they care for the children. Please join us by donating any needed items.

For more information regarding needed items, click below.



Volunteering is a big part of our ministry. There is a place for you to plug in.

  • Assist with foster family functions.

  • Become a certified babysitter. (see link below)

To become a certified babysitter for a foster family, please provide the following documents to one of us or directly to Children’s Hope:

a. Copy of Driver’s license

b. Copy of Social security card

c. Copy of current vehicle insurance card

d. Copy of CPR certification card

e. Completed criminal background check form. (. A few days after it is submitted to our foster agency, Children’s Hope, you will receive an email with information on how to sign up to get fingerprinted. That is the final step!)


There are many projects that are a priority as we begin the Journey Road Ministry.  


For more information regarding projects available, click below.


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